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Minister Dorothy Gourdine
Eastern Atlantic Diocese
Somerset, NJ

Elder Kim Denson
Delaware Diocese
Dover, DE

Reverend Gregg Smith
Florida Atlantic Diocese
Orlando, FL

Deacon Kenneth Lewis
Florida Gold Coast Diocese
Pompano Beach, FL

Reverend Mildred Pender
Florida Gulf Coast Diocese
Orlando, FL

Evangelist Brenda Corley
Georgia Diocese
Cobbtown, GA

Deaconess Magnolia Wiseman
Global Pacific Diocese
Belden, MS

Deaconess Faye Drain-Byrd
Massachusetts/Rhode Island Diocese
Springfield, MA

Deacon K. C. Williams
Maranatha District Diocese
Chicago, IL
Deacon Billy Brown, Sr.
Mid-Atlantic Diocese
Neptune, NJ

Elder William H. Williams
Mid-South Diocese
Aberdeen, MS

Minister Michael Wright
New York Diocese
Utica, NY

Elder Cederia Vaughn
Outstreached Hands Diocese
Saltillo, MS

Reverend Darrell Daniels
Pennsylvania United Diocese
Harrisburg, PA

Elder Leroy Grant
Southern New England Diocese
Hamden, CT

Dr. Shirley McDougald
Ward Diocese
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Elder Edward Frazier - National Superintendent
Elder Leroy Grant - National Asst. Superintendent
Deaconess Carrie Wright - Secretary

Church of the Living God
Diocesan Sunday School Superintendents