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Church of the Living God, Inc.
National Trustees
Deacon Richard Pelzer - Chairman
Deacon John Barber - Vice Chairman
Elder Shirley Williams - Secretary
Bishop Ivy A. Hopkins - Liaison Bishop

Bishop Naomi Barber - Rhode Island Diocese
Deacon John Barber
Deacon Myron Callender

Bishop Theodore N. Brown - Florida Gold Coast Diocese
Trustee Gwen Bembry
Trustee Donnie Lewis

Bishop Benjamin Drone - Ohio Western Diocese
Deacon Richard Pelzer

Bishop Barbara A. Farmer - NJ Ward Diocese
Pastor William Sparrow

Bishop Carolyn H. Glenn - Florida Atlantic Diocese
Elder Anthony Graham
Elder Dr. Joyce Thomas

Bishop Cleveland L. Harvey - Mid-Atlantic Diocese
Trustee Clifford Mays
Trustee Billy Brown

Bishop Ivy A. Hopkins - Pennsylvania United Diocese
Deacon Curtis Hopkins
Elder Janie Brant

Bishop Kathy Hughes - Central New York Diocese
Pastor Edward Crowder

Bishop George T. Howell - Mid-South Diocese
Deacon Cloyzell Satterwhite

Bishop Henry Jeans - Global Pacific Diocese
Elder Jeremiah Simmons
Trustee Columbus Gray

Bishop Bertha Jones-McSween - Georgia Diocese
Minister Larry Elbert
Minister Jerel Jones
Deacon Robert Corley

Bishop Nelson E. Lewis - Delaware Diocese
Deacon Bennie Broomer

Bishop McKinley Pompey - New York Diocese
Elder Adam Kinsel
Trustee Selena Yeldon

Bishop James R. Sherman - Trinity Central West Diocese
Elder Shirley Williams
Trustee Trinisa Williams-Ruiz

Bishop Lee Warren - Eastern Atlantic Diocese
Trustee John McCray
Trustee Gregory Gamble
Trustee Deanne Leverett

Bishop Samuel White - Southern New England Diocese
Elder Leroy Grant

Bishop Carlton F. Williams - Florida Gulf Coast Diocese
Elder Ralph Vanlow
Deacon Jimmie Hobbs
Deacon Elijah Chester